Our Firm
Dynamic & Forward-thinking Firm

The unprecedent development of new technologies, globalisation and cross-border flow of data and funds within the European Union and other markets create new opportunities for growth and diversification which, however, require in-depth knowledge and expertise in different areas of law such as, inter alia, in data privacy, public, commercial and financial law. L&L Law firm is a Greek boutique law firm with international experience in the aforementioned areas, which, on the basis of the expertise of its team, is in the position to offer solutions with respect to new matters, including the “new” evolving areas of privacy within financial markets.

The Law Firm is a milestone in the career of its founders, Associate Professor Dr. Grigorios Lazarakos, expert in data protection (GDPR) and public administrative law, as well as Dr. Vassiliki Lazarakou, expert in capital markets, banking and M&As, who, after having successfully followed independent paths in the respective legal fields for many years, have joined forces within L&L Law Firm.

Our Approach

Our Firm’s mission is to act synergistically to serve our clients with the highest quality legal services while taking a commercial approach and to provide advice tailored to their needs, in several areas of domestic or international public and private law, including banking and capital markets, M&As, data protection, real estate, shipping/transportation law and other areas of civil, commercial and corporate law. Litigation constitutes an inherent part of all aforementioned practice areas.

The Law Firm serves local and international banks, investment firms and other regulated entities, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, shipping firms, universities and various corporations listed and not listed, individuals etc., regarding their business in Greece and abroad.

Our Philosophy

Our lawyers are at the forefront of Greek and European legal developments in the areas of our Firm’s expertise and, therefore, we are efficiently responsive to our clients and capable to handle complex and sophisticated cases and provide tailored solutions according to our clients’ needs and in agreement with the best business practices.

Our Firm enforces high quality professional standards with respect to international business practice and ethics.